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The stock market is nothing but the collection of both the markets and the exchanges where the trading of the stocks including the other classes of the securities takes place in a vast manner. The trade actually takes place through the formal exchange marketplaces.

It is popularly known to be the equity market and it is also one of the important components of the free market economy. At the same time, it also provides the companies along with the access for in return. Here, there are two major sections such as the primary market including the secondary market. First, the primary market is nothing but where all the new issues will be sold through the IPOs. IPO is nothing but the Initial Public Offering.

Most of the investors purchase these shares from the investment banks. The secondary market is nothing but totally a different one, where the participants include both of the institutional and the individual investors. With the aid of the IPO, generally, a company raises its money.

Once the stock starts the trading it does not receive any of the funds from both of the buying and also selling off its overall shares. In the present era, most of the stocks are traded through the exchanges. These exchanges take place globally and they bring both of the buyers and the sellers in a unique manner. Typically the stocks are listed and traded; the overall transaction takes place electronically.

What about stock trading?

There are two major securities such as the Over the count and the listed securities. They both are transacted on the stock markets. No need for the SEC reporting for the OTC securities and hence credible data is a difficult one. There is a list of players who are associated with the stock market. Here the stockbrokers, traders and the investment bankers are included each and every one has a unique role and they also depend on each other in order to run the market efficiently and effectively. The stockbrokers are known to be the registered representatives.

They are the licensed professionals so that they can both buy and sell the securities that are on behalf of the investors. At the same time, they also act as the intermediaries between that of the stock exchanges and the investors. On the behalf of the investors, they buy and sell the stocks.

The stock analysts are the one who performs the researches and also rate the securities. It can be anything such as the selling, buying and holding etc. Portfolio managers are the one who invests the portfolios, especially for the clients.

They also get the recommendation from the analyst side and also make the concerned decisions regarding the portfolio. Then comes the investment bankers who represent the companies in the various fields including the private companies.

Importance of Stock Market

In the present world, the stock market allows the organizations to raise the amount just by offering the corporate bonds. At the same time, it also allows the investors to participate in the financial concern just by making amount through the major factor of the dividends. It is nothing but the major cuts of the organization’s profit. The profit is created just by selling the stock, which is known to be the capital gain. The major benefits of the investor include the authorized access to the privileged data, discount for the commission, transaction fees including the significant experience.

The exchange is an important factor, which takes place in the marketplace. Here, the commodities, derivatives including the financial instruments are also traded. This one gives the overall organizations including the governments to sell all over securities to the public. Then what about the electronic exchanges; here comes the preferred information. Day by day the trading has been enhanced on the concerned electronic changes as the markets are becoming sophisticated. The transactions are also spreading through the exchanges and it also has a great increase in the trading programs including that of the complex algorithms. Each and every exchange has many requirements for the organisations to offer a list of securities for the trading process.

The minimum requirement for this gigantic one includes the financial reports, audited earning report including the minimum capital requirement. There are several benefits to the stock exchange. It is used to raise the overall capital for all the companies in order to enhance the operations. The organisations which are listed on the stock exchange have an increased profile. Automatically it attracts the new customers, employees including the supplier to conduct the overall business in an efficient manner.

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